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Exceptional Diagnostics,
On Your Terms

Powered by CarePod™

Step 1

Before Your CarePod Visit

Book Your Visit

Simply download the Forward App, set up your account, and choose your preferred location, date, and time

Pre-Visit Survey

In preparation for your visit, you’ll fill out a short survey about your personal and family medical history to give our clinical team the necessary context to interpret your results

Diagnostic Prep

To ensure accurate results for blood testing, fast for at least 8 hours before your appointment
Step 2

During Your Visit

Check-In for Your Visit

Drop by the CarePod and start your visit, no wait time necessary! Just log in on the external check-in screen and get started with your labs

Let the CarePod Guide You

The CarePod delivers real-time, self-directed diagnostics with the latest medical technology for advanced exams, vitals monitoring, and a 3D body model.

Seamless Sample Collection

When it's time for your blood draw, a Forward Care Team Member will join you at the CarePod
Step 3

After Your Visit

Access Your Diagnostic Dashboard

When your Diagnostic Dashboard is ready, just open the Forward App to start reviewing

Personalized Dashboard

Explore your test results within the framework of eight key health domains and learn how your lifestyle and habits could impact your risk for different health conditions

Clinical Summary and Insights

Receive personalized guidance to identify and prioritize your specific health issues for targeted action
Optional Step 4

Become a Member

Create Your Treatment Plan

Craft personalized treatment plans tailored to your lifestyle, health needs, and preferences

Access Expert Clinical Guidance

Collaborate with doctors dedicated to prioritizing your needs and preferences with 24/7 clinical chat support

Achieve Your Health Goals

Form the foundation of your health by building healthy and enduring nutrition, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle practices for long-term vitality

Frequently Asked Questions