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Forward Raises $100M and Announces Forward CarePod™

Forward CarePod

Featured Press

Modern HealthcareNov 15, 2023
"Forward nabs $100M to build AI-connected health pods"View the article →
Express Healthcare ManagementNov 15, 2023
"New Healthcare Pods Set to Revolutionize Medical Diagnostics"View the article →
The InformationNov 15, 2023
"Healthcare Without Health Workers: A Unicorn Pivots to an AI Doctor-in-a-Box"View the article →
The Business JournalsNov 15, 2023
"Forward raises $100M, launches AI-powered health care pods"View the article →
Fierce HealthcareNov 15, 2023
"Primary care player Forward unveils AI-based, self-serve CarePods backed by $100M investment"View the article →
FortuneNov 15, 2023
"Former Googler Adrian Aoun raises $100 million for walk-in AI healthcare pods"View the article →
TechCrunchNov 15, 2023
"Forward Health launches CarePods, a self-contained, AI-powered doctor’s office"View the article →
VatorNewsNov 15, 2023
"Forward raises $100M to deploy AI-based CarePods"View the article →
ForbesNov 15, 2023
"An AI Doctor In A Box Coming To A Mall Near You"View the article →
ForbesOct 31, 2022
"How Unicorn Startup Forward Aims To Revolutionize Healthcare"View the article →
CodeConferenceSep 7, 2022
"It’s time for healthcare to be a product, not a service"View the article →
The Founder HourJul 19, 2022
"We’ve created an entire healthcare system focused on keeping you at work, not keeping you alive "View the article →
MashableJun 30, 2021
"Exactly the sort of company we need to help cure America’s addiction to spending on sickness treatment."View the article →
Business InsiderJun 23, 2021
"9 primary-care companies that are changing how we go to the doctor."View the article →
ForbesMay 1, 2021
"Newest AI Unicorns Are After Far More Than Amazon And The Weeknd."View the article →
TechCrunchMar 12, 2021
"Primary care startup Forward Health is looking to expand its tech-powered, personalized healthcare model across the U.S., and will use a new $225 million Series D raise to help make it happen."View the article →
Fierce HealthcareMar 12, 2021
"The company developed doctor-led programs that work on both immediate and long-term health."View the article →
Yahoo! FinanceMay 4, 2020
"Forward is helping patients monitor their health at home when going to a doctor's office isn't an option"View the article →
TechCrunchApr 2, 2020
"A whole new level of remote care, over and above what’s typically defined as telemedicine"View the article →
Fast CompanyApr 2, 2020
"Forward has spent the last four years building a healthcare system that combines technology with doctors in order to give our members better insights into their health. Drawing on that experience, we were able to rapidly pivot to serve our members during the COVID-19 pandemic"View the article →
Consumer ReportsMar 18, 2020
"A high-tech hybrid, combining both virtual and in-person care"View the article →
CNetMay 23, 2019
"Where tech and medicine meet to create a seamless, collaborative primary care experience"View the article →
Washington Business JournalJan 18, 2019
"Forward blends innovative tech with the concierge model of enhanced care covered by recurring payments. Here, patients pay $150 monthly for unlimited access — just like a gym membership"View the article →
Business InsiderNov 24, 2018
"Rather than focusing on treating you while you're already sick, Forward is primarily concerned with helping its members proactively manage their health over time"View the article →
The New YorkerJan 26, 2018
"The Doctor's Office of the Future"View the article →
TimeNov 16, 2017
"One of 2017's Best New Inventions"View the article →
ForbesJan 27, 2017
"The goal of Forward is not to dazzle tech-savvy millennials with cool gadgets but to change the model of primary health care from a 'once-and-done' to an ongoing relationship between patient and health care provider, with a heavy emphasis on prevention and wellness"View the article →

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Forward provides direct-to-consumer preventive healthcare that combines medical expertise with advanced technology, including disease detection, biometric body scans, and blood testing. Forward was created to address the three fundamental challenges of healthcare: cost, accessibility, and quality. Investors include Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Softbank, as well as AI luminaries like Eric Schmidt (former CEO and Chairman of Google), Demis Hassabis (cofounder of DeepMind), and Mustafa Suleyman (cofounder of DeepMind and Inflection AI). The company is headquartered in San Francisco with a team of physicians from Harvard Medical School, Dartmouth, UCSF and Cedars Sinai Hospital.