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Our Mission
The world’s best healthcare for one billion people, for free

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Of 8 billion people on the planet, fewer than 2 billion have access to any form of real care.

Healthcare is 20% of GDP in the United States. Yes, 20% of your paycheck goes to a broken healthcare system, and it’s doubling every 10 years.

Despite having created rockets to travel to other planets and AIs that can pass for humans, life expectancy over the last 1,000 years has barely changed.

It’s time we demand more.

Healthcare Should be a Product, not a Service

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Build for Scale

Consider your smartphone. It scales to billions. It has millions of apps that get better every day. And it’s built on hardware and software, so it takes advantage of Moore’s law and gets cheaper over time.

It's Time to Rebuild

At Forward, we believe in one key insight that nobody else believes: that healthcare must be rebuilt on hardware and software rails in order to turn it from a service into a product.

Migrate to the Future

We started with high-tech doctor's offices across the U.S. But these are a stepping stone. We learn from what happens inside of them and migrate work into automation, hardware sensors, and our mobile app, freeing up time from our doctors and nurses and lowering the cost of care.

Insurance is the Problem

Attaching health insurance to employers was a mistake. The average person is in their job for two years, which means that insurance doesn’t want to spend money preventing issues like cancer and heart disease which won’t kill you for decades to come. Instead, they focus on colds, flus, and rashes.

Our country has created a healthcare system focused on keeping you at work, not keeping you alive. Instead, you should be the customer, nobody else. Success should be measured by keeping you alive, not billing you more.

We’re All-In

We’re either going to rebuild healthcare for the entire planet or we’re going to leave a crater of destruction in our path to do so. There’s no middle ground for us. The existing system has to go.

We’re not a company with a mission attached, we’re a mission with a company attached. If we learn tomorrow that the best way to get healthcare to a billion people is to crash the company, that’s what we’ll do. We’re here for the mission, not the dollar.

Advised by the Best in Healthcare and Technology

  • Marissa Mayer
    Former Yahoo CEO
  • Eric Schmidt
    Former Google CEO
  • Marc Benioff
    Salesforce CEO
  • John Doerr
    Kleiner Perkins
  • Ram Shriram
    first Google investor, Alphabet Board
  • Patrick Pichette
    Former Google CFO
  • Robert Wachter, MD
    Chair of the Dept. of Medicine, UCSF
  • Rick Lanman, MD
    Former Chief Medical Officer, Guardant Health
  • Regina Benjamin, MD
    Former U.S. Surgeon General
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