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Our Mission
A world where everyone has access to the best medical care available

Nate Favini

Why We Exist

Inadequate, expensive healthcare is a global crisis. We pay more and get less every year. We’re on a mission to radically improve how healthcare works in order to lower costs, improve results and make quality care available to those who need it most. 

Fixing healthcare isn't hard. It just requires Forward thinking.

An Entirely Different Approach

Instead of chipping away at the edges and playing along with how things work today, we started from scratch to build a system that’s completely different.



Limited Interaction

Your body changes by the minute, but healthcare is still based on annual checkups and endless waits for appointments.


Continuous Partnership

Thanks to sites across the country, a 24x7 Care Team, and our app, you and your doctor are always in sync and working toward results.



Surprise Bills

We’re paying more for insurance, and getting less. Confusing coverage and huge deductibles mean the cost of a doctor’s visit is a roll of the dice.


One Flat Fee

Our business model is built for you, not insurance companies. So whether you have insurance or not, you receive high-quality care for one flat fee.



Outdated Tools

You have a smartwatch, but your hospital still uses a fax machine. Healthcare is decades behind advances in software and hardware.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our engineers and doctors build tools together. Real-time lab results, genetic testing, and connected health sensors unlock deep insights.




Hospitals bill for services, not for results. So your care becomes a perpetual whack-a-mole instead of fixing underlying issues.



We don’t charge for service, so all we care about is results. That means a clear focus on long-term health and early detection.

Our Impact

We’re on a journey to make quality care available to those who need it most. We’re proud to have accomplished a lot in the last five years — and we’re just getting started.

Dr Mona Kennedy
"Forward supercharges doctors with deep insights that allow us to personalize a unique plan for each member."
Dr. Mona Kennedy
Forward San Francisco
Uninsured Members
Time Spent With Members vs Traditional Settings
Reduction of Medical Team's Administrative Tasks With Automation
Rate of Depression Screening vs Traditional Primary Care

Care That Keeps Improving

We are constantly expanding and improving tools for our members. With technology, we continue to add value and scale to new places – and we’re just getting started.


Launched our first location in San Francisco

Launched genetic testing to aid in the prevention of cancer and heart disease

Image showing exterior of a Forward location, a glass building with the Forward logo embedded onto it

Expanded to Southern California and New York

Launched Body Scanner 2.0


Launched a Mental Health Check-In in our app to monitor for anxiety and depression

Launched the Dermatoscope to aid in early detection of skin cancer risks

Image showing person holding laptop with a virtual doctors visit taking place. The doctor is displayed in the top right corner, and data is shown on the rest of the screen.

Launched Forward at Home to adapt to COVID-19 pandemic

The Forward app shows a screen titled "Diabetes Prevention." It has a graph labeled "Fasting Glucose," and a list titled "Your Personal Plan" with steps like Metformin, Mediterranean Diet, and Walk While Fasting.

Added Automated Records Retrieval to consolidate medical history


Stay tuned for innovations to come

Map of Forward locations in the US.
Care Footprint

Caring for members nationwide

We are rapidly growing our footprint and expanding to new cities every month.

Advised by the Best in Healthcare and Technology

  • Robert Wachter, MD
    Chair of the Dept. of Medicine, UCSF
  • Dena Bravata, MD
    Co-Founder, Lyra Health
  • Rick Lanman, MD
    Former Chief Medical Officer, Guardant Health
  • Ram Shriram
    first Google investor, Alphabet Board
  • Patrick Pichette
    Former Google CFO
  • Marc Benioff
    Salesforce CEO
  • Eric Schmidt
    Former Google CEO
  • Jessica Powell
    Former Google VP Communications
  • Ashton Kutcher
    Early investor Uber, Airbnb
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