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How Forward Works

Advanced diagnostics.
Custom plans.

Longevity made easy.

Introducing CarePod™

World’s First Self-Serve, On-Demand Doctor’s Office

Self-Serve Medicine

The CarePod delivers real-time diagnostics with the latest medical technology for advanced exams, vitals monitoring, blood work, 3D body model, and more

Diagnostics You Need

Forward's suite of diagnostic capabilities continuously evolves with the latest in medical tech to meet the needs of our members

Always Available

The CarePod is a mini, user-operated doctor's office - drop by and start a visit whenever is convenient for you, no appointment necessary.

Advanced Diagnostics

  • Blood tests for a full lipid panel, apolipoprotein and lipoprotein tests, blood glucose levels, anemia tests, thyroid function tests, kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, STD panel, and more
  • Self-serve capillary blood draw for specific lab tests
  • Advanced heart screenings, including arrhythmia and murmur detection and AI assisted screening for valvular disease and heart failure
  • Weight, BMI computation, and a 3D body model
  • Skin lesion screening with a dermatoscope
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Pulse oximetry for heart rate and oxygen saturation
  • Testing for RSV, Covid, strep and flu
Custom-made care

Personalized Longevity Plans

Have confidence in your care knowing that every concern is addressed, every goal acknowledged, and every question answered

Create Your Plan

Become an active participant in crafting your personalized care plans by choosing medical protocols tailored to your lifestyle, health needs, and preferences

Recurring Diagnostics

Become your own health expert with unlimited access to the advanced blood work and diagnostics you need on your own schedule, not just once a year

Integrated Wearables and Sensors

Aggregate all of your wearable device data into the Forward app to get a clear understanding of your health and inform your holistic care plans

Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Lifestyle

Habits form the foundation of your health. Forward creates tailored guidance to help you build enduring practices for long-term vitality

Expert Clinical Guidance

Collaborate with doctors dedicated to prioritizing your needs and preferences. Together, continuously customize your care and maintain connection with 24/7 chat support

Targeted Medications and Supplements

Forward's prescription management system simplifies partnering with your care team to select precise medications for targeted treatment

Frequently Asked Questions