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You deserve the best health experience

Explore our clinic that was designed with the patient experience in mind. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, calming environment for you every step of the way.

Before your scan


Fill out a short questionnaire and our team will make sure you’re safe to get all parts of the scan experience.


Answer a few questions about your medical history to give our clinical team the necessary context to interpret your results.


Fast for at least 4 hours before your appointment and arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

During your scan

Get Comfortable

Change into scrubs and one of our Medical Assistants will help you get ready for your tests.


Get a walkthrough of your scan process (blood draw, imaging, genetic sample collection).

After your scan

Next steps

Right after your appointment, you’ll receive a package outlining next steps. You’ll receive your full results within two weeks.

Access your results

Explore your report directly in the Forward app.


Schedule your post-scan consultation with one of our clinicians to get in-depth insights about your health.

Post-scan Consultation

Included in your Forward scan is a virtual consultation with a Forward clinician. Once your results come back, we’ll go over the key insights and answer any questions you might have about your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

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