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Build the First Healthcare System for a Billion People

Join amazing engineers, clinicians, designers, and operators in building healthcare the way it should have worked all along.

Life’s too short to spend on optimizing ad clicks

We’re all-in on building the first at-scale healthcare system. Our fundamental insight is that healthcare should be a product, not a service.

By rebuilding healthcare on top of software and hardware and selling to consumers instead of health insurers, we're creating a radically new product with radically different incentives.

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What We Make

We've always been "full stack," from the software tools and hardware products we design and build, all the way down to the care we deliver to our members.

Software for Members

We build iOS and Android apps for our members to access care 24/7, as well as smart displays and software they use in our sites to collaborate with doctors.

Software for Clinicians

We designed and built our own medical records system & clinical workflow engine to help our doctors, nurses, and care coordinators provide radically better care.

Hardware and Sensors

We build our own hardware, from full-sized diagnostic platforms like our Body Scanner, to smaller hand-held devices and tools for our clinicians.

Physical Spaces

We design & manufacture beautiful locations across the country. We've re-thought what a healthcare experience should feel like from the ground up, with a focus on materials, light, wayfinding, and comfort.

Featured Roles

Our doctors help design software. Our software engineers integrate hardware. Our hardware engineers work with architects. We have a lot to learn, and a lot to build. And we’ve brought together the best doctors and the best technologists from places like Google, Palantir, and Harvard Medical School to tackle the challenge.

Software Engineering

Ship APIs, mobile apps, and firmware to give doctors superpowers and build great care for members. Leverage technologies like React, Next.js, Python, and Go

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Hardware Engineering

Invent and manufacture physical diagnostic tools and real-world locations to help our physicians and members gather data and deliver experiences that normal healthcare can’t accomplish

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Product Manager

Design beautiful software experiences for our members and clinical teams. Surfaces include the Smart Screen, Body Scanner, mobile app, clinical tools, and more

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Advised by the Best in Healthcare and Technology

  • Marissa Mayer
    Former Yahoo CEO
  • Eric Schmidt
    Former Google CEO
  • Marc Benioff
    Salesforce CEO
  • John Doerr
    Kleiner Perkins
  • Ram Shriram
    first Google investor, Alphabet Board
  • Patrick Pichette
    Former Google CFO
  • Robert Wachter, MD
    Chair of the Dept. of Medicine, UCSF
  • Rick Lanman, MD
    Former Chief Medical Officer, Guardant Health
  • Regina Benjamin, MD
    Former U.S. Surgeon General

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