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@goforward, @natefavini / Had my first in person appointment at the Dallas location, and could not be happier for my future investment in my health! Y’all changing the game for the better! 🙌🏻
Had my first @goforward visit at the new Dallas west village location… VERY cool. It’s what healthcare should be like in 2023.
I love technology. My physician virtually called in a script through a chat, and a courier is going to hand deliver cough suppressant to my house today. This is 2022 and this is how healthcare should be. Joining @goforward is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
This is @goforward, my doctor's office. It's unlike any other healthcare experience I've had. There's no waiting room. As soon as you walk in, someone greets you. They know you're coming. If that's ALL they did, they'd have plenty of business. But it's just the beginning.
I’m a member of @goforward & has been so helpful to learn about my health and develop health plan based on their proactive testing
@goforward is the best healthcare startup. Things you could do:
  • chat with docs like friends
  • schedule visit with clicks
  • refill prescription with clicks
  • have long video session to plan about your health
  • all data available to you on your phone
  • no they can't fix #Twitter
@BrainHarrington can’t recommend @goforward and @adrianaoun enough! Not having them anymore was one of the hardest parts of me returning back to Hawaii. 🥲
Holy s*** Just had my first meeting with @goforward and I’m never leaving. Wealth is health and they just gave me goals to hit and I’m checking back in 3 months. Bye bye 🥩 👋
I have NOTHING but good things to say about @goforward. I had my virtual baseline today & it was everything I wish healthcare had been all my life. Informative, in-depth, took the time & care & now sending me messages thru the app. I LOVE IT #healthcare #HealthcareNews #healing
If you’re looking to get healthy or meet some health goals this year I will swear by @goforward as in personally vouch for as in the first person who says it was a dud I’ll refund you your first payment (limit 1).
I Love @goforward. It is absolutely the best medical service and treatment I have ever received. I hope they open more locations nationwide.
Just had the most amazing doctor visit ever. I signed up to @goforward which is a doctor's office from the future. They have an AI assistant that writes down notes and recommendations based on everything you discuss with your doctor.
If you live near a GoForward Doctor's office, see how these doctors have embraced technology: #techdoneright #eversmartcity #Doctor
Joined @goforward founded by @adrianaoun today in SF for a full medical test. Loved the experience. This could be the future of healthcare.
‘Forward has designed a doctor's office/pharmacy of the future.’ Excited to see great progress at @goforward!
The only time I've had a doctor spend more than 20 mins with me in the past decade is at @goforward. Even when I was pregnant, most appointments pre Forward were cursory, dismissive, fill in the blanks checks.
The care team at @goforward is always available to help me through any physical or mental health symptoms during the work week, come up with care plans, and do additional testing or specialty visits. I highly recommend them for peace of mind.
I’m always fascinated by answers that go to ‘worried about my data’. Personalisation has some way to go in healthcare, positively rather than as a threat. I wish all primary care was as good as @goforward, and that is about data-based insights…
For the first time in years as a patient of @goforward I’m in a reactive mode with an illness and as always, they simply exceed expectations in every way. Responsive, consultative, proactive, accomodating. Simply world class #healthcare. Now to kick this bug!
Super impressed with **@goforward**⁩ - 1st time I’ve ever felt proactive on my healthcare, ever. Curious to check it out, here’s 3 Free Months
The ONLY preventive health conversation I’ve ever had with a doc (w. DNA, blood panel, etc.) was with
@goforward in SF. They (a private service) assumed the NHS would do the same, as it’s in their financial interest… Nope. The NHS remains almost purely reactive, not preventive
Hands down the best part about having @goforward as my primary is the total and utter lack of wait time. I’m always seen at or before my appt. None of the arriving 15 min before appt only to wait 15-30 min (avg) after the appt time + exam room wait time. 1/2
Y'all I saw my new primary care physician for the first time today and I honestly could cry at how well it went and what a relief it is to get good healthcare. I'm using a service called @goforward and if it's in your area I cannot recomment it highly enough.
I've been a member for the last 2 months and so far so good. The Miami brick & mortar isn't open yet so they sent a nurse to do my vitals & blood work @ home. They were fantastic & the experience was great. I dig the online dashboard too. :)
Looking for a good doctor/medical service? (Frustrated with @onemedical?) I HIGHLY recommend @goforward. Absolutely awesome. Extremely responsive, great referral network, etc. Doctors top quality too.
Two thumbs up for @goforward. Started using them about a month ago and really like it. Responsive, thoughtful, transparent. Was on the phone last night discussing a few things with them and they were great.
Fantastic first appointment at @goforward today. So good that my wife immediately signed up and she’s in in a couple of weeks. Awesome new PCP practice in Denver.
Forward member for nearly two years here, and I have never received better care in my life. Regular 30 min appointments and texting with my doctor/care team are invaluable. They were able to help me through and minimize symptoms of my first migraine in real-time chat at 2 AM.
Took tour of @goforward w/ CEO/founder @adrianaoun yest. Putting aside spa sensibility ('flat or sparkling') & futuristic body scan (fun but hype-y), the reimagining of the #EHR as a tool for communication, collaboration, visualization & decision-support is real & v. impressive
The best startups don't just mask a broken industry with better software, but instead reinvent the whole experience. Kudos to @goforward.
I’ve had almost every possible negative health care experience in the last year. That’s why @goforward was such an eye-opening experience. It’s what primary care should look like.
Ready, set, slim down! Just started a 12-week weight loss program with Alex Eisenberg DO from Forward and it's included in my membership. Let's do this. @goforward #weightloss #journey #CerebralPalsy
I ♥️ my @goforward membership. I was skeptical BUT they have made visits, communication and getting prescriptions easy and the App really does keep you in touch with your doctors. This is what healthcare should be 🫶🏼🤗🤝🩺🥼👩🏽‍⚕️ #GoForward #Healthcare
I got a quick blood draw and EKG. All tests & results done in 24 hrs & I didn’t have to pay anything outside of my membership (like copay or deductible)! This isn’t an ad, just a grateful person who will never go back to “normal” #healthcare again!
Had my first visit with my @goforward doctor today. It was incredibly comprehensive and over 30 minutes of discussion! Impressed so far. Props @adrianaoun and team.
I’m stoked to see that after my blood work done by
@goforward I’m super healthy! Low cholesterol and great readings on a vegan diet.
Maybe people will stop asking me “but where do you get your protein from?” No deficiency there 😉🌱
Not to mention the quality time spent with my doctor. Eye contact and not sitting behind a computer typing notes does a lot to feel heard and cared for. As @goforward expands, I hope they consider offering specialist care bc it’s awful knowing what care could be.
last night I had my first anxiety attack apparently I was to excited to start this week cause it was going to be life change. But @goforward saved my life. Awesome tech would love to invest if I could. They are the future of medical tech man. #simplythebest🙏🏿 #THANK_YOU #blessed
Going to a regular doctors office is awful after being with @goforward for a year 😭
Had my first visit with @goforward at their new Miami location today. Incredible experience. I never thought I’d say that about a visit to a doctor’s office. Every detail was thoughtfully designed. Bravo @adrianaoun!
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I signed up again with @goforward and - wow. One, it’s essential to get a physical after the pandemic. Mine was a great experience and their depth care has calmed my mind with potential health worries + action plan to stay healthy.
Ummm, @goforward is mindblowingly good. This is the future of healthcare.
Could not be happier being a customer of @goforward. This is the future of primary healthcare. Because everything runs on exceptionally smart software, doctors have more time to spend with patients. If you are in the city that has this I highly recommend it. Best I've ever had.
Visiting the @goforward offices in SF... It's not your typical doctors office! The right blend of technology and healthcare @adrianaoun