Forward is the new approach to primary care, offering customized plans to help you control the future of your health. Today, we sit down with Dr. Pooja Singh to hear her take on tech-enabled, member-centered healthcare.

Dr. Pooja Singh — our newest physician at our New York location in Midtown — received her medical degree in India and completed residency in New York City. Before coming to Forward, she worked at Columbia University Medical Center managing acute presentations of chronic diseases. She values setting a long-term care plan with her members.

What first drew you to practice medicine?

I would love to say that I am Indian and that my parents chose it for me, but the truth is that growing up I have always worked for different organizations like ActionAid and the Akansha Foundation, both of which fulfill a common goal: serving those in need and uplifting humanity. No role could better define the need of serving people more acutely than being a physician.

What areas of interest do you have as a physician?

I believe in treating the person as a whole. As William Osler pointed out, “Ask not what disease the person has, but rather, what person the disease has.” I believe in knowing my members not only from the perspective of their medical issues but also their lifestyle, and, therefore, the influence on their health. Thus I’m able to empower them to make better choices and put them in charge of their own health. I am a strong promoter and ardent practitioner of mindfulness and meditation. I’m also interested in the Gut-Brain Axis and its association with disease.

What do you value most in your relationships with members?

I most value establishing trust and open communication with my members.

What is your experience with the current healthcare industry? Where would you most like to see improvements or changes?

After working more than a decade in the current healthcare system, I am concerned with the increasing number of people with obesity and heart disease and that the traditional approach of reactive medicine is doing nothing to prevent this. I am disappointed that healthcare in general is stuck in the 20th century. At Forward, we’re leveraging the latest technology to detect illness earlier, be more proactive and improve people’s health.

Why did you decide to join Forward?

For all the reasons above! “Be the change you want to see in the world,” right? “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

What are a few fun facts about you that our members might not know?

I am a global citizen. I grew up in different parts of the world with a great interest in cultural practices that influence and determine health outcomes.

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