The 2019 Novel Coronavirus has drastically impacted the lives of people around the world, including more than 316 million of us here in the U.S. currently under stay at home orders. Because of the virus, hospitals are operating at maximum capacity while many primary care offices around the country have been forced to close. Our mission at Forward has always been to provide quality primary care to those who need it, using technology to scale the reach and impact of our doctors. Like so many organizations we had to look for new ways to provide the same level of care at a time when nothing matters more.

For the last month, we have been developing features that will allow our doctors to continue providing immersive, insightful care while keeping our members safe in the face of this growing pandemic. We’re proud to share a preview of Forward at Home. Combining one-on-one consultations with our doctors, interactive health data visualizations and remote vitals monitoring, Forward members will remain in control of their health from the safety of their homes. This expansion of the Forward membership prioritizes relationship building with top-rated physicians and builds on existing features like unlimited access to Forward service and 24/7 support from a dedicated care team via the Forward app.

When designing our virtual visit, the goal was to make the experience as interactive and informative as an in-person visit. Data visualization is an integral part of every Forward visit, allowing our doctors to focus on members while collaborating on health decisions based on a deep level of transparency and understanding. Going beyond a traditional video call, we’re bringing our Smart Screen, a collaborative display, from our exam rooms into our members’ homes and onto their personal devices. Important health data from labs — cholesterol, kidney function and liver health — will be reviewed and changes tracked over time. The visualization of this data is vital to shared decision-making, a pillar of Forward’s care philosophy.

Your body gives off millions of clues everyday about your health, and there is a lot our doctors can do when they have the right information and proper tools to capture those clues. We typically get these insights from the advanced diagnostics in Forward offices but needed a way to take vitals at home. So in addition to virtual visits, devices for ongoing biometrics monitoring will be part of the future Forward experience. Sensors will be sent to new members for tracking three important vitals: temperature, blood oxygenation, and blood pressure. These measurements will provide crucial information on cardiovascular and respiratory health to keep chronic conditions in check and our members on track toward their goals. Monitoring is automated to immediately alert the care team if an intervention is needed, and results are accessible in the member’s mobile app for tracking over time.

Real-time labs are integral to deliver personalized care, but facilitating this can be difficult when trying to limit in-person social interactions. To bridge that gap, we’re piloting a program that brings a phlebotomist to our members for an at-home blood draw. This quick visit in advance of a member’s Baseline will ensure our doctors have a comprehensive understanding of their member’s health, at a time when taking control of preventable, chronic conditions can be lifesaving.

These features are available to a limited number of Forward members who are most in need, including those receiving care for COVID-19, and we’re working to expand our reach over the coming weeks. Forward members continue to enjoy 24/7 access to their doctor and care team via the Forward app, mental health support, prescription delivery, and more.

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