You’ve probably never thought more about your health than you are right now. We learned that viruses can live for up to three days on surfaces, we touch our faces more than we should, and that sleep matters more to our immune system than we previously believed. COVID-19 is a wakeup call. There has never been a better time to take control of your health, both to minimize the risks today and maximize your opportunities tomorrow.

This is where Forward comes in.

You’ll start your membership at Forward with a Baseline with one of our top-rated doctors. Together you’ll review your vitals, lifestyle, and family history to put together a preventive plan that is personalized to you. Data visualization is an integral part of every Forward visit, and the Forward Smart Screen, an interactive display, empowers our doctors to focus on you while collaborating on health decisions based on a deep level of transparency and understanding. This visualization is important whether you’re at one of our offices around the country or you’re staying safe at home. For our virtual visits to achieve the same level of interaction and information, we go beyond a traditional video call, bringing the Forward Smart Screen to your home and onto your personal device to put your health data and progress directly in your hands.

To further personalize your health plan, Forward completes a genetic analysis. Your doctor will review your genetic information and provide tailored plans based on your risks of developing certain conditions, medication sensitivities, and opportunities for health optimization. You will leave the visit with a proactive wellness plan specific to your needs. As genetic research evolves rapidly, Forward will update you on what matters most and how these changes can improve your health. Genetic testing is included in the Forward membership and is entirely optional.

Forward’s support doesn’t stop when your visit is over. We’ll send you a sensor kit for biometrics monitoring, tracking the millions of clues your body gives off everyday. We’ll monitor vitals including your temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, and your doctor will use these measurements to inform your conversations so that you can take action before anything becomes a problem. And, when you have questions, our 24/7 care team is only a message away. Together, all of this puts you in control of your health goals, whether you’re working to minimize stress, optimize your diet, prevent heart disease or more.

There has never been a better time to prioritize your health. If you’re interested in learning more about how Forward can provide personalized, preventive care to you, visit our website and take our quiz.

No long waits. One flat fee. No copays — ever.

Fed up with a soul-sucking healthcare system? Same. With unlimited visits, personalized insights and real, actionable results, find out what it’s like to actually enjoy seeing your doctor.