Seemingly overnight, we have become teachers, house keepers, short order cooks, and vets as our families are staying home to protect ourselves and those most at risk. The relative order we spent years perfecting has been thrown to the wind, as uncertainty allows new stressors to seep into our daily routines. In addition to juggling these challenges, the fear of getting sick has never felt so real. While many of these forces are outside our control, there are concrete actions we can take to balance our lives and achieve some level of control over our health.

This is where Forward comes in.

We know that having a transparent, trusting relationship with your doctor is vital to shared-decision making, and nothing is more important to our doctors. Available 24/7 via the Forward app, our care team ensures you don’t need to add “nurse” or “doctor” to your growing list of roles. With top-rated doctors from universities like Harvard, Stanford and NYU never more than a message away, you have peace of mind knowing your health is in expert hands. At Forward, we set out to let our doctors do what they do best: practice medicine. That’s why we’ve equipped them with advanced technology to have real-time health insights, enhanced communication and lessen their administrative work. All of this adds up to our doctors being empowered to focus on what really matters. You.

Unlimited virtual and in-person access to our care team ensures you can get quality care when and where you need it. Data visualization is an integral part of every Forward visit, allowing our doctors to focus on members while collaborating on health decisions based on a deep level of transparency and understanding. Going beyond a traditional video call for virtual visits, we bring the Forward Smart Screen, a collaborative interactive display, from our exam rooms into our members’ homes and onto their personal devices. Important health data from labs — cholesterol, blood pressure, kidney function and liver health — are reviewed and changes are tracked over time.

A check-up quickly scheduled, an immediate answer when you’re under the weather, continuous access to your medical records, personalized wellness plans in your pocket, prescriptions delivered on your schedule and more. Forward doctors are the experts you can outsource your health too, all from the comfort and safety of your home.

If you’re interested in having a health expert in your home, visit our website to learn more about how Forward can give you the peace of mind during this challenging time.

No long waits. One flat fee. No copays — ever.

Fed up with a soul-sucking healthcare system? Same. With unlimited visits, personalized insights and real, actionable results, find out what it’s like to actually enjoy seeing your doctor.