Forward brings an entirely new perspective to primary care, changing the way people think about and manage their health. In this two-part series, we’ll introduce the technology and care philosophy we’ve developed to help you stick to your goals and control your health.

We all know the drill: New Years rolls around, and we’re momentarily filled with enthusiasm to conquer our respective resolutions. You’re going to stop skipping breakfast and start hitting the gym, and you’re finally going to shed those 10 pounds. No, really. You mean it this time.

Then somehow, inevitably….the ball drops.

We’ve all fallen victim to the comfort of the phrase “I’ll get back on track next week”. The harsh reality being, that’s probably just not gonna happen. Don’t believe us? Studies suggest 80% of New Year’s resolutions will fail by the second week of February, and of these, only 8% of people will ring in 2019 having kept theirs through the year.

So how do you avoid becoming one the 92% of woulda, coulda, shoulda beens? Ask Google, and you’ll find advice like “set a specific goal”, “have a clear plan of attack”, and “hold yourself accountable”. Sound vague and unhelpful? We know.

The reality of the situation lies in this simple fact: You haven’t been equipped with the proper tools to be successful. Until now.

Because we focus on you as an individual, rather than what’s worked for the masses, our members are able to see tangible results. Since we opened our doors in early 2017:

  • Our members have lost over 1,800 pounds collectively
  • 58% of members with high blood pressure were able to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke
  • 32% of members with high cholesterol were able to reduce their risk of clogged arteries, heart attack, and stroke

And that’s only the beginning. So if you’re ready to try something that actually works, tune in for next week’s post to see how Forward can help you break the cycle — we promise you won’t look back.

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