Forward brings an entirely new perspective to primary care, changing the way people think about and manage their health. In this two-part series, we’ll dive into the accelerating field of genetic testing and discuss why it should matter to you.

Each of us goes through life carrying approximately 175 genetic mutations. 175 opportunities to discover how your body may act differently than others’; 175 chances to learn why what works for someone else, may not necessarily be the best for you.

Do you know what yours are?

Maybe they’re entirely benign. But maybe they enable you to take some action. And this is where the real power of genetic testing lies — in its ability to help you plan ahead. The same way you know in the back of your mind that changing the oil in your car can help prevent your engine from failing early, your genetics can give you the insight needed to ensure you maintain your health as long as possible. For one of our members, this means knowing her future risks:

“Through my genetic testing, I learned I have the Factor V Leiden mutation. I now know I have an increased risk of developing a dangerous blood clot, especially if I’m involved in an accident or ever in need of surgery. Having this insight gives me the peace of mind that down the line, my physicians can take special precautions to ensure my safety.” — Forward member, San Francisco

At Forward, we believe in putting this information in your hands. That’s why not only is getting a personalized genetic analysis at Forward easy (hint: it’s included in your membership), we make it a point to ensure you leave feeling empowered.

Maybe you’ve taken genetic tests in the past and have been confused by the results. After all, it’s not as if “hereditary thrombophilia” or “CHEK2” are thrown around on a daily basis — at least not for most. You may have been left with questions as to what it all means, and how (or even if) you should change the way you live.

But not here. At Forward, your physician sits with you to discuss any findings, taking into account your history, blood tests, and goals. You can even seamlessly sync past genetics results (here’s looking at you, 23andMe) to the app and review them in-person with your Forward MD. We work with you to create a plan that puts you in control of your health, and are always just a message away when you finally remember that question you meant to ask.

Whatever you discover, we’re in it with you. Are you ready to get started?

No long waits. One flat fee. No copays — ever.

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