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Liver Health App

Assess your risk of liver disease and track over time

Forward is your partner to help manage liver health.

  • Visit the CarePod™ to establish baseline liver health
  • Complete the Liver Health App at the CarePod to identify risk of diseases like fatty liver and hepatitis
  • Results sent to app and reviewed by your Care Team
  • Virtually meet with a Forward doctor to create a custom plan
  • Follow up and check in on progress in-app
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How the Liver Health App Works
Visit the CarePod
In-person CarePod visits
  • Drop in to the CarePod whenever is convenient for you (no appointment necessary)
  • Complete Health Apps in the CarePod and have results reviewed by your Care Team
Doctor led support
  • Results from CarePod visits reviewed by your Care Team
  • Virtual visits with Forward doctors
  • 24/7 care and access to health data via your mobile app
Complete the Liver Health App
Complete the Liver Health App in the CarePod
  • Complete liver health test to assess risk levels for fatty liver disease and hepatitis
  • Results from CarePod visits reviewed by your Care Team
Test results sent to app
  • Work with a Forward doctor to create a custom plan to address risks
Ongoing support and biometric monitoring
Manage progress in-app
  • Check in on progress via app
  • Health data available 24/7
Update goals
  • Meet with a Forward doctor in a virtual visit to discuss progress and adjust goals
Continuous care membership
Built by an expert team of doctors
Our expert clinical team is committed to helping you with all your everyday care needs. Whether its reviewing findings from CarePod Visits, or having immersive Virtual Visits, or 24/7 in-app access to your Care Team, we'll work with you every step of the way in your long-term health journey.
Informed Decisions

Personalized care guided by unique diagnostics

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Establish a health baseline and check in on progress at the CarePod through Forward's Health Apps.

Virtual Visit

Meet with world class doctors to create and manage personalized plans together.

24/7 App Access

Access your care team 24/7 via app so you can rest easy knowing you always have a team behind you.
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