Forward is the new approach to primary care, offering customized plans to help you control the future of your health. Today, we sit down with Dr. Mona Kennedy to hear her take on tech-enabled, member-centered healthcare.

Dr. Mona Kennedy — the first physician at our New York location in Nomad — is a board-certified family medicine physician with additional certification in obesity and nutritional medicine. She received her medical degree from the SUNY Stony Brook University School of Medicine. She is a licensed New York State volunteer EMT and has been awarded Senator Golden’s Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Dedication and Service to the Community.

What first drew you to practice medicine?

I knew I wanted to be a physician since third grade; I loved doing science projects throughout the school year! Medicine and science have always fascinated me. I chose family medicine because it allows me the ability to practice the full scope of medicine and broaden my knowledge to all aspects of well-being.

What areas of interest do you have as a physician?

I assist with all aspects of healthcare including urgent care concerns, chronic disease management, women’s health, and medical weight loss. I have additional training in nutritional medicine to provide the best care for achieving weight goals.

What do you value most in your relationships with members?

Establishing a trusting relationship is key to success for both the member and the continued care a physician can provide. Forward’s longer visits allow me to build a deeper connection with members. I get to know each member as a person who I can help achieve their health goals.

What is your experience of the current healthcare industry? Why did you decide to join Forward?

The current healthcare system is not up to par with what people need. Forward revolutionizes the way we see healthcare and how we, as physicians, provide care to the public. Technology has come a long way since even a decade ago, but we haven’t incorporated that technology into primary care medicine. I joined Forward to be part of an innovative approach to healthcare using technology as a collaborative tool to provide optimal care to a member.

What’s one fun fact about you that our members might not know?

I have a thing for exotic sport cars and dream to someday own a Lamborghini Aventador. You’ll see me at the Jacob Javits Center Auto Show every spring!

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