Forward brings an entirely new perspective to primary care, changing the way people think about and manage their health. Today, we highlight our care philosophy and dedication to transparency by sharing our own internal on-boarding document — because we believe the foundation of a healthy partnership is openness and trust.

At Forward, we believe in empowering our members to be participants in their health decisions through collaboration and transparency. Our care philosophy was designed with members in mind — but instead of explaining, we figured why not just show you?

And what better way than to share the same information given to our internal team, with you. Directly from the on-boarding document given to all new clinicians who join the Forward team:

Our members have signed up with us for 24/7 technology-enabled primary care service from a proactive, high quality medical team. Congratulations! You’re an important member of our medical team.

We are different from traditional practice environments. Our incentives are completely aligned with our members as there isn’t a 3rd party payer involved in our member’s care — rather the member is paying us directly. This is not fee-for-service medicine, rather consumer-focused care, in which we are directly accountable to the member.

Clinical decisions at Forward should largely reflect a shared-decision making model of care, where we explain the pros and cons of different options for the member and let them decide whenever possible, placing high value on their individual values and preferences. We aim to provide members with an open-minded PCP who truly listens — someone who explains alternatives to them and encourages them to make informed decisions that best suit their preferences.

We value excellence in clinical care (quality) and member experience and service. We strive to create an experience for our members that delights them. We aim to make interacting with Forward and their health care team as engaging as possible. We know our members are excited about the ease of access and convenience Forward provides when addressing their medical problems and coordinating their care with the rest of the health care system. They value having our clinicians serve as a science-based and innovative thought partners with them in understanding their health problems.

A key component of our approach to clinical and service excellence is to proactively track member’s issues, symptoms, and care gaps. Tracking issues, symptoms, and goals from identification to resolution is a recurring theme of many of Forward’s actions, and a part of our desired member experience. Our members trust us to worry about their health and preventive care, so that they don’t have to. Our Forward Care Team aims to be a member’s guide and adviser to lifelong good health — as such, we value each individual relationship with our Forward members.

Whether we’re sharing our internal training documents; building an app that puts your health data in your hands; or implementing a membership model that ensures you always know what you’re paying — transparency drives us, and you are at the heart of all we do.

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